Pinot Gin Spritz


Introducing a true delight for the senses – Bridport Distilling Co.’s Pinot Gin Spritz premix cocktail cans. Meticulously crafted, this blend harmonizes the richness of Pinot Noir with the refreshing twist of gin for an exquisite taste.

As you open a can you’ll be mesmerized by the rich ruby red colour, with a slight tinge of purple. It evokes the depths of a deep Pinot Noir, a sight that captivates from the first glance. An aroma of ripe Pinot grape juice, citrusy orange notes, and a medley of fresh berries including raspberries and strawberries. Subtle hints of lemon add a zesty brightness that tantalizes the senses and sets the stage for what’s to come.

The Pinot Gin Spritz delivers on flavour. It’s a harmonious blend that unfolds on the palate, revealing layers of complexity and depth with every taste. Furthermore, you’ll indulge in its smooth and velvety mouthfeel, that coats the palate with layers of fruitiness and a touch of acidity. It’s a sensation that delights from start to finish, welcoming you to explore the subtleties of flavour.

Savour the Pinot Gin Spritz for a unique and sophisticated drinking experience that captures the essence of a Pinot Noir juice-infused cocktail with the refreshing twist of a gin mix. Whether you’re lounging on a sunny patio or picnicking in the park, let Bridport Distilling Co.’s Pinot Gin Spritz be your companion for moments of pure indulgence.

16 x 330ml



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